A New Year Brings Much Needed Change

I started my original blog on Blogger in July, 2013. The idea of starting my own blog came to me one day from an unknown source and ever since, has stuck to me. I loved reading so much, I decided why not share my thoughts on the books I was reading. What started as a wonderful idea (at least that’s what I thought) soon fell through the cracks. Ever since that hot summer day when I created my blog, I failed to make something out of my blog. I have been bombarded with homework and could never seem to find the time to sit down, read, and write reviews.

I plan to change that this coming year.

This year, 2014, I will fix the mistakes I made. Many believe New Year’s Revolutions are simply wishes that will never come true, but I plan to make my aspirations become a reality. The reasonable ones at least.


1. I will create a reasonable schedule for my blog  and stick to it.

2. Be an active blogger.

3. Stay interested. Take part in weekly memes, create/join fun events, etc.

4. Be myself. Often times, whenever I did post something on my old blog, I always felt a lack of confidence. Fearful that what I wrote wasn’t good enough and basically any thoughts you can conjure related to my lack of self-confidence. This new year, I plan to change that.

5. Be honest with myself. Make reasonable goals and accomplish them. I know doing so will help me become a better blogger.

6. Socialize. Don’t be afraid to comment on other people’s blogs and start a conversation. A book-related one, that is.

7. Read 50 books–I am determined to accomplish this goal.

8. Regarding stats, I would love to reach 100 followers and 1,000 page views–hopefully this will happen!

So with this new year, I pledge to make this new blog more successful. Am I expecting it to become popular overnight? Absolutely not. I know it will take time and hard work and a great deal of patience, but if I abide by my goals, I know I will get there one day. I know I will.


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