Bookish Resolutions {2016}

Happy New Year, everybody! I cannot believe 2016 is finally here! I am so excited for this year–a new start, and I hope to make this year count as a blogger!

This year I decided to create some bookish resolutions that I hope I will accomplish. Regardless of what happens, I will try my best and have fun!

Bookish Resolutions


  • Goodreads challenge: I hope to read 50 books this year! I have always wanted to read 50 books and I know I can do it!
  • Complete at least one series
  • Read at least one 2016 debut novel
  • Be a more active blogger
  • Balance blogging, reading, and life (i.e. college) to the best of my ability
  • Post at least once a month (hopefully I will post more, but posting once each month will be quite an accomplishment for me)
  • Participate in reading challenges: I am still on the look out for reading challenges to participate in this year because they are so much fun and truly help motivate me to read more
  • Comment more often on other blogs: I have just started to do this for the past few days and I hope to continue this trend into the new year
  • Have fun! I want blogging to be a hobby, not a chore

What are your bookish resolutions for 2016? Comment them down below!



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