May Flowers Means I Am Almost Back!

Hi everybody!

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely spring weather (for those of you who are currently in this season)! I come bearing great news! As a college student, I am currently swamped with the amount of work I have left in this semester (hence why I have not been active since winter break) but, that also means that school is almost over for me! (You can tell I am happy by the amount of “!” I have been using.)

I have missed blogging for the past few months and being active in the book blogger community. Since my summer break is close to three months long (yay!) I will have more time to read and blog. I have read a few books over the past few months, but not nearly as many as I would like to.

I will post another post once I am officially done with school. I still have finals to complete, but May is just around the corner so I will be back very soon!

Good luck to everyone else as the school year comes to an end!



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