Life of a Blogger: Best Childhood Memory


Wow, that’s a difficult question. I have many great childhood memories, but to pick only one is challenging.

One that comes to mind is when I visited Poland (my home country) at the age of six years old. I remember spending time with my family–my obnoxiously funny uncle, energetic cousin, another relative who had few teeth and always gave me lollipops when I felt ill, and so many more–and those moments mean the world to me. I haven’t seen them in over ten years and I always think about them. Although this may not be the best memory ever, it is the most memorable one for me. I recall silly things we did together, places I visited, and one particularly horrendous–yet hilarious–experience of drinking mint apple juice (which I despised at the time) and not knowing what I was drinking before it was too late because I didn’t know polish all that well. In a nutshell, someone asked me if I wanted mint apple juice (in polish) and I said yes, without knowing what it was. When I took a sip, I was utterly disgusted. So that wasn’t a good memory, but it’s a great moment to reflect back on. I also recall visiting an area with ponds filled with fish, and going fishing with my parents and some other relatives. After catching some fish, they were cooked by a chef (on the spot!) and we ate it. Talk about a fresh meal. I miss those memories and would love to visit Poland and my relatives once again. I don’t remember everything that happened when I visited Poland all that time ago, but those bits and pieces that I do remember are a part of my best childhood memory.

What’s your best childhood memory?